Thursday, March 12, 2020

9:45AM – 11:00AM


Tour A: Penn Station Control Center

Tour B: NYCT Rail Control Center


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1:30 – 3:00PM

Breakout Session 1

Graduate student papers session 1.1

  • Identifying Substitution and Compementary Effects in Air-rail Competition. Hongyi Gu and Yuali Wan
  • Ranking Risk Factors in Financial Losses from Railroad Incidents: A Machine Learning Approach. Neeraj Dhingra, Raj Bridgelall, Pan Lu, Joseph Szmerekovsky, and Bhavana Bhardwaj
  • A Visual Representation of Rail Users in the United States of America. Isabella Downes, Kyle Acevedo, and Alex Asta

Graduate student papers session 1.2

  • Investigating Freeway Crash Contributing Factors on Crash Severity Using a Machine Learning Approach. Ali Yazdizadeh, Amirreza Nickkar, and Young-Jae Lee
  • The Performance of Electric Vehicles: An Assessment of Consumer Perceptions Using Importance-Performance Analysis. Saiful Hasan and Thor-Erik Sandberg Hanssen
  • The Challenge of Improving Air, Bus and Rail Transportation to Downstate Illinois: 2009 – Present. Jessica Kupets and Kevin Snyder

3:00 – 3:30PM

Coffee Break and Networking

3:30 – 5:00PM

Breakout Session 2

Graduate student papers session 2.1

  • The Changing Price of Ridesharing Service in Chicago: Evidence from a Random Sample of Routes between 2018 and 2020. Jessica Kupets and Jacob Walls
  • Paratransit Agency Responses to the Adoption of Sub-contracted Services Using Secure Technologies. Amari Lewis and Amelia Regan
  • Market Design for Anticipatory Congestion Pricing. J. Ceasar Aguma and Amelia Regan

Graduate student papers session 2.2

  • Efficiency and Productivity of Urban Public Transit Agencies in the U.S.: An Application of the DEA Malmquist Productivity Index. Narendra Malalgoda and Siew Hoon Lim
  • Equity and Transit-Oriented Development in Chicago. Kevin Snyder and Santa Torrijo

5:00 – 7:00PM

Poster Presentation and TRF Reception

Poster Presentations 5:00 – 6:30PM

  • Factors Influencing an Algorithm Based Virtual Container Yard. Lalith Edirisinghe, Lakshmi Ranwala, and Hansa Edirisinghe
  • Designing Transit Agency Job Descriptions for Optimal Roles; An Analytical Text-Mining Approach. Ahmadreza Mahmoudzadeh, Zachary Elgart, Sara Arezoumand. Todd Hansen, and Subasich Das
  • The Financial Stability of Large Foreign Airlines: A P-Score Logit Analysis. Richard Gritta and Carl Scheraga
  • Pathways to Success in Transportation and Logistics: Teaching the Teachers. Jill Bernard Bracy, Michael Edwards, and Ray Mundy
  • Does Uber Affect Bicycle-Sharing Usage? Evidence From a Natural Experiment in Budapest. Barna Bako, Zombor Berezvai, and Peter Isztin
  • An Investigation of Personal Electric Mobility Device Related Injuries and Fatalities. Md Mahmud Hasan Mamun, Judith Mwakalonge and Saidi Siuhi
  • 2017 Total Solar Eclipse: Traffic Management, Challenges, and Lessons Learned. Saidi Siuhi, Judith Mwakalonge, Md Mahmud Hasan Mamun, and Samia Akter
  • Policy Requirements to Use Personal Electric Mobility Devices in the Connected Environment. Samia Akter, Md Mahmud Hasan Mamun, Judith Mwakalonge, and Saidi Siuhi
  • Pooling Transportation Network Company (TNC) Rides to the Airport to Reduce Curbside Congestion. Karina Hermawan
  • An Andragogical Approach to Learning Transportation Science and Technology Online. Raj Bridgelall, Tim Peterson, Denver Tolliver, and Joseph Szmerekovsky
  • How to Convert Terminals Into Through-Stations using Metropolitan Authority. Robert Munson
  • Effects of the Panama Canal Expansion on Port Calls and Coastal Import Market Share for US East Coast Ports. Ricardo Ungo and Anthony Pagano
  • The Economic Role of Parking Booking Intermediaries such as SpotHero in Improving the Market for Off-Street Parking: An Analysis of Chicago, Illinois. Joseph Schwieterman, C. Scott Smith, and Jessica Kupets
  • Maritime Cyber Security: Risk and REliability within AIS Data in Maritime Commercial Shipping in the Port of Houston. Sarah Hamrock, Joan Mileski and Cassie Bomer Galvao

Friday, March 13, 2020


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9:00 – 10:30AM

Breakout Session 3

Session 3.1:

  • Who Pays the Piper – Assessing the Likelihood of Environmental Pricing Pass-Through within Maritime Shipping. James Nolan, Benny Mantin, Tristan Skolrud, and Patrick Lloyd-Smith
  • A Framework Proposal for Assessing Berth Operational Safety at Seaport in a Fuzzy Context. Nurul Haqimin Mohd Salleh
  • The Impact of the Panama Canal Expansion on Potential Logistics Developments and the Economy of Panama. Anthony M. Pagano, Onãsimo V. Sanchez, Ricardo Ungo, Ph.D., and Ruben Lachman

Session 3.2:
United States Department of Agricultgure (USDA Special Session)

  • Port Choice and International Trade in Agricultural Products. Tobias Sytsma and Wesley W. Wilson
  • A Spatial Analysis of Railroad Rates and Competition. Wesley Wilson
  • Costs, Scale Economies, and Differential Pricing in the U.S. Railroad Industry. John Bitzan

10:30 – 10:45AM

Coffee Break

10:45AM – 12:15PM

Breakout Session 4

Session 4.1:
Impacts of Transportation Capital Investment

  • Does China’s High-Speed Rail Development Lead to Regional Disparities? A Network Perspective. Shuli Liu, Yulai Wan, and Anming Zhang
  • Crowd Out or Crowd in: Assessing the Impact of Highway Investment on Private Investment in the U.S. Bingxin Yu and Valentin Vulov

Session 4.2:
Transportation Policy 1

  • Muddling Toward Micromobility: A contextual evaluation of Chicago’s e-scooter pilot program. C. Scott Smith and Joseph P. Schwieterman
  • Scooting Into A New Era – A Review of Agency Regulations on Shared E-Scooter Programs. Julian Griffee
  • Smart Cities, Dumb Infrastructure: Policy-Induced Competition in Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Systems. Korok Ray and Brent Skorup
  • Examining the Freight Transport Purchasing Process Through Companies Involved in a Voluntary Governmental Program in France: the FRET 21 Initiative. Nathalie Touratier-Muller and Eduardo Ortas-Fredes

12:15 – 2:15PM

Awards Luncheon

Keynote speaker: Kevin Corbett, President and CEO, New Jersey Transit

Presentation of TRF Research, Service and Best Paper Awards

1:45 – 3:15PM

Breakout Session 5

Session 5.1:
Transportation Potpourri

  • A community-engaged interdisciplinary study to assess the gaps between economic growth and transportation infrastructure development. Kate Hyun, Jandel Crutchfield, Courtney Cronley, Erin Findley, and Mehrdad Arabi
  • Ethical Concerns in Emerging Transportation Industries. Amelia Regan and Nicola Christie
  • Teaching Transportation Online: A Case Study (Extended Abstract). Amit J. Mokashi and EunSu Lee

Session 5.2:
Transportation Economics 2

  • The Determinants of Aeronautical Charges: a Spatial Analysis. Fecri Karanki, Fecri Karanki, and Bong J. Choi
  • Mexico and China: between maritime transport networks and systems of cities (2001-2018). Diana Manjarrez Pãrez
  • Carry-on Baggage Fee, Airline Pricing and Subcontracting. Lei He, Myongjin Kim, and Qihong Liu

3:15 – 3:40PM

Coffee Break

3:40 – 5:10PM

Breakout Session 6

Session 6.1:
Transportation Safety

  • Smart Phone Usage and Large Truck Crashes. Ahren Johnston
  • Survival analysis of the North Dakota 24/7 Sobriety Program to Predict Recidivism. Shantanu Awasthi, Ihsan ullah khan, Yun Zhou, Seguy Tchakounte-Wakem, Kimberly Vachal, and Bong-Jin Choi
  • Transport Environmental Regulation and Safety Outcomes: Evidence from Energy Pipelines in Canada. W. D. Walls, and Xiaoli Zheng

Session 6.2:
Transportation Policy and Workforce Development

  • Global Perception of the Belt and Road Initiative: A Natural Language Processing Approach. Amit J. Mokashi, J. D. Jayaraman, Priyanka Mahakul, and Rutu Patel
  • Designing Transit Agency Job Descriptions for Optimal Roles; An Analytical Text-Mining Approach. Ahmadreza Mahmoudzadeh
  • Teaching Transportation Online: A Case Study (Extended Abstract). Amit J. Mokashi and EunSu Lee

5:15 – 6:15PM

TRF Advisory Committee Meeting

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Off-Site Dinner

Hyatt Regency Jersey City
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Saturday, March 14, 2020

10:30AM – 12:00PM


Grand Central Station