Graduate Delegate Program

The Students Delegate Program allows 6 – 8 graduate students to take part in exclusive opportunities to expand their knowledge of the transportation field:

– Experiencing selected conference sessions and Awards Luncheon as a group while meeting Delegates from other universities.

– Special networking activities during conference breaks to converse with noted professionals in the field.

– A one-hour small-group gathering in which each delegate can converse about their career or research goals with an expert in the field (Friday).

– A walking tour of transit-oriented development in the vicinity of the conference  (Friday afternoon, April 8th)

Students who are making poster or lectern presentations at the conference are not eligible for the program, although they may informally participate in the activities. Delegates need to register for the conference, but can do so at a special student rate.  To learn more about the program, email professor Joseph Schwieterman at [email protected] to apply.